Terms and conditions

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1 The artist when first applying to hire the Gallery must submit some images via e.mail to the gallery owner, for approval, before the owners agreement to an exhibition.

2 The gallery is in high demand and bookings are made well in advance, there may be a waiting list, but you will be advised on available dates, on application.

3 The artists take full responsibility for their own work. i.e insurance ect. There is public liability and household insurance with the property owner only.

4 The times for entering and leaving the gallery are as follows:
The Wednesday evening before the show after 6.30pm to enable exhibitors to hang the show. 
Exhibitors are asked to vacate the following Wednesday by 6.30pm.

5 All keys must be returned to the gallery and the cost of replacement paid in full if lost.

6 Any damage to the property, walls, garden furniture ect must be paid in full, and no nails in walls or sellotape on windows, without prior permission of the gallery owner.

7 The gallery must be kept clean and in good order whilst at the gallery and on leaving the space.

8 The property is to be vacated by 10pm on the private viewing evenings, and private viewing times are to be agreed by the owner.

9 There is a telephone at the gallery for local calls only, any others must be paid for.

10 There is a card machine in the gallery, and any transactions must be paid for at the various card rates,
There is a charge of £10.00 per week for the use of the card machine.

11 Artists are responsible for advertising and promoting their own Exhibitions with invites and posters. The Gallery advertises in various Art Magazines, and the Gallery prints and distributes its programme of all Exhibitions through-out the year. 1,500 of these are distributed to various locations around the area and to the people on our own mailing list. Artists are able to have about 30 of these to distribute themselves.

12 On agreement to booking the Gallery, the artist is asked to pay a deposit of £50.00 per week, and the hire charge balance will be due at the time of the planned Exhibition.

13 If the gallery owner has to cancel the Exhibition you will be given at least 10 weeks notice when possible, and also the same is asked of the artists, and your deposit will be refunded in full.
We hope very much that you enjoy your time spent at the Gallery, and that you have a successful Exhibition.

Please sign and return one copy to the Gallery and retain one copy for your reference.



Yours Sincerely 
Margaret Currie, Owner/Manager

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